How to prevent a post-workout breakout

Whether you’re going for a big hike or just a walk around the block you probably feel pretty sweaty by the end of it. Even though sweating it out can feel good, it can be not so good for our skin, especially if we don’t do anything about it. So what steps should you be taking to prevent a post-workout breakout? We have some ideas.

Before you workout…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most important things you can do for your skin pre-workout is to take makeup off if you’re wearing any. Like we mentioned in our post on cleansers, leaving makeup on your skin when you sleep or workout can lead to pimples, redness, and irritation. That’s why it’s important to start your workout with clean, makeup-free skin.

It’s also recommended that you avoid a heavy moisturizer before a workout. Although you want to keep your skin nice and hydrated, sweating after applying a thick cream can clog your pores. In the end, this does more harm than good. That’s even more important if you’re running with a mask on. You should, however, always apply SPF before heading out for some exercise. For more tips on how to

How to prevent a post-workout breakout

How to prevent a breakout after exercising

Once you finish up your workout, the first thing you want to do is wash your face. Even just splashing your skin with some water can be helpful, but to ensure you’re really getting all the sweat and bacteria off, it’s essential to use a cleanser.

If none of the above are available then there’s a great alternative when you’re in a pinch: Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes. These  individually wrapped bamboo-cloth face wipe clean, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate in one quick swipe.

After washing and rinsing, you have to put some of that moisture back into your skin. Applying moisturizer is a good start to rehydrating your skin post-exercise. Staying hydrated throughout the rest of the day is helpful for both your body and your skin, especially since working up a sweat dehydrates you. Now that you’re all clean and hydrated, it’s time to reapply your SPF before going on with the rest of your day.

Why exercise at all?

We all know that exercise brings about many benefits. It reduces stress, decreases your chance of certain medical problems, and just generally keeps you feeling in shape and strong. But exercise can also help your skin out. Studies have shown that exercise can have anti-aging effects on the skin. If that doesn’t give you a good reason to get a run or bike ride in, I don’t know what does.

How can Kura help?

At Kura, we’re all about leading a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle, from skin care to self care. Our curated routines can help find you the perfect cleanser, moisturizer and SPF to take care of your skin before and after your workout. Just take a quick quiz, let us know your budget, and say goodbye to guesswork.

Emma Swislow