How to layer skincare products: a 101 guide

When you’re staring down a multi-step skincare lineup you may find yourself wondering, is there a right way to apply all this and does it really matter? The answer is yes! For a 101 on how to layer your skincare products, read on.

How to layer skincare

When it comes to how to layer your skincare products, there’s a really simple rule: thinnest to thickest. At least for your leave-on products. Here’s what that looks like:

Step One: Always start with a gentle cleanser to rinse away the dirt and sweat of the day. Beware cleansers that leave your skin squeaky-clean—it’s almost certainly doing more harm than good.

Step Two: If you have a toner, now’s the time to use it. This helps to refresh and replenish your skin, restore its natural pH (5.5), and sweep away any impurities that may be left behind.

Step Three: Next up are serums, which generally contain antioxidants such as vitamins C. If you’ve got more than one serum there’s an easy rule you can follow: apply those thinnest to thickest. That allows each step to penetrate the skin and do the job it was intended to do.

Step Four: If you use a separate treatment for your eyes, now’s the time to apply it.

Step Five: Next comes moisturizer. If you’re using a gel or cream, that goes on first. If your routine includes a heavier facial oil, be sure to apply this after your moisturizer.

Step Six: Last but not least, your broad-spectrum SPF. Don’t forget that those UV rays can do damage when it’s cloudy and in wintertime—not just at the beach. Always reapply after swimming or sweating. Check out our guide to SPF for more info on what to look for and avoid for UV protection.

Skip the guesswork

When it comes to skincare, it’s not just what you have—it’s how you use it. How you layer your products matters, particularly when you’re using serums, oils or exfoliants. Some good news: each and every Kura routine comes with detailed instructions on how to make the most of your products including how and when to apply it. Take a few minutes to create your skin profile, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Team Kura