You’re washing your face wrong

Is there even a right way to wash your face? It seems too easy to get wrong: Soap, rub, rise and voilà! Right?

Well, believe it or not there are a few best practices that aren’t exactly common knowledge. So let’s talk about it. But before diving into the how let’s start with the why.

Why it’s worth the effort

You’re not opening doors with your chin or rubbing your face against the subway seats. So why does it matter?

Well, washing your face isn’t just about getting that clean feeling (and if you’re getting a *squeaky clean* feeling that’s no good either, but we’ll save that story for another day). Over the course of a given day, dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, SPF, and any makeup sitting on your face can settle into your pores. Washing that away can prevent breakouts and reduce irritation and inflammation. Plus, leaving that layer of grime would prevent any other skincare products from penetrating your skin and doing the job they were made to do.

The right way to wash your face

1. Do it twice a day

Most people should be washing twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. The night wash takes off the dirt, sweat, SPF (which you should be wearing) and any makeup that’s accumulated over the course of the day. The morning wash takes care of the dirt and oils from your hair and saliva that transfers to your pillow and back to your face during the night.

The exception here is if you have super dry skin and no pore-related concerns, in which case you could probably get away with just a morning rinse.

Once a day is the absolute minimum, but try to avoid washing more than twice a day as you’ll risk irritating your skin and stripping it of its (good) natural oils.

But what if you’ve hit the gym?

Twice a day is what you want to aim for, but a workout can change that schedule.

To keep things at 2x a day, hold off on the first cleanse until after a morning workout. If your workout’s after work you can make your post-workout cleanse the last one of the day, even if it’s just late afternoon or early evening. The exception here is if you’ve reapplied makeup or SPF, in which case you’ll need to wash that off again at the end of the day.

But what about MID-day!? If you’re going for a lunchtime workout this will most likely be a 3-washes kind of day. But use your best judgement situation.

2. Use warm water

A skin-melting shower may just be the best thing in the world, amiright? Sad news though: that super hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, which leaves your skin feeling dryer and can lead to irritation and even breakouts. So stick to lukewarm water.

If you’re washing your face in the shower, you still can have it all! Just turn the temperature down when you’re ready to wash your face.

3. Be gentle

We can’t stress this enough. When you’re washing, avoid harsh rubbing, and don’t grind your exfoliators into your face. Instead, massage cleansers in a gentle circular motion.

4. Mind your towel

Dry your face with a towel that you use just for that purpose, and replace it at least once a week, and use it to pat-pat your skin dry. Don’t drag it across your face.

Like skin tips?

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